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I have a passion for exploring new things, people, places. This blog is to help me share my most wonderful experiences with you. 


                  Turkan Najar 

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A few simples ways to connect at networking events

1. Prepare business cards: For any networking event, it is important to have an informational card featuring contact information to your business. A lot of people forget the names of those they meet. If you do not have business cards, make sure to connect via social media before leaving the venue. 

2. Dress to impress: Often, we find ourselves looking at how someone presents themselves not only in mannerisms but also through their style. Treat the events you attend like a professional job. Go in dressed well...dressed your best actually. Your outfit may be that conversational starter you need.  

3. Plan ahead: Ask yourself, "what do I want to accomplish at the event?" Is it to meet a few new people? Is it to connect with the individual putting together the event? here are a few important questions to help guide you:

      a. Who are the most important people at 

          the event?

      b. Does this networking event have a panel 

          of speakers and influencers. If yes, learn 

          about the speakers in advance. This will

          help you ask the right questions and help

          you start a meaningful conversation with

          them after the panel. 

      c. Is there a list of attendees you can view

          prior to the event? get to know these


      d. If you are attending a casual event, then

          just go and have fun. Be yourself first,

         and don't be afraid to chat about what

         you do. You're there to build your network

         portfolio which will in turn help you bring

         in more business. Well, thats the goal. 

4. Attend in confidence: The truth is, no one cares more than you do. Do not be shy or timid in approaching anyone. Make it count. I mean, you spent a lot of time picking out that outfit and prepping your to-do-to-say list; don't let pointless fear get in the way of your moment now.

5. Follow Up: If you met individuals you might want to work with or collaborate with and you took the opportunity to take their business card or write down their social media account, then follow up in the days following the event to say hello! We are so quick to say "let's get together and have coffee"...but we often do not follow through. Show them that your interests in working with them are more than just talk. What better way than making sure they know you haven't forgotten about them. 


Create & Cultivate Conference 

A day that will uplift you and empower you. 

As a female business owner, it is easy to fall short of inspiration. It is even easier to lack motivation when you feel like your efforts have failed you. I was that woman for so long, and I still have my moments where I feel stuck in a career that isn't where I want it to be. I often ask myself, "why am I not booking any clients this month? why is my social media lacking? what can I do to change this? If you find yourself at this crossroad; ultimately asking yourself WHY and HOW, then I urge you to get yourself a ticket to the next conference immediately. In fact, there is one coming up in February that you will definetely see me at. I CANNOT WAIT.  Click the link below for more information on the next C&C conference in LOS ANGELES. 

Check back soon
Once posts are published, you’ll see them here.


What you will

get out of 


attending a


Create &


Cultivate Event

Inspiration. Encouragement. Advice. Networking with like-minded women. Business connections. 

I went to the conference in Seattle held at the Microsoft campus in Redmond, WA as just a photographer photographing the event, but I left feeling so fulfilled. So empowered. I made dozens of connections to the attendees, the talent, and the employees of Create & Cultivate. I made new friends all over the United States, scored a couple business clients, and even had the honor of my photos being published on 

You might think that with an event so big, it would be near impossible to get so intimate and up close and personal with people, but you are INVESTING a good chunk of your time and money into these conferences, that you must take advantage of the talent around you. Seek it out, pick at its brains, and take in all that it can offer. It can be an intimidating atmosphere, but Create & Cultivate is encouraging of all efforts to seek advice; whether it be from the speakers or the attendees! 

What better than an environment geared towards women in the work force while advocating female empowerment through it's service?


Things to know before


you go

Take a notebook & pen as you will WANT to take notes. 

Take a camera to document the FUN you will have. Take advantage of these photos as they can help build your social media in the days following the conference. Posting these photos and #hashtagging the event and specifying your location on Instagram can attract followers and other women who have attended these events, creating a bigger community of like-minded people.

Take business will NEED to network. network. network. Get your name out there. 

Make sure to attend the HAPPY HOUR the night before the conference. This private event held for the attendees will allow you the opportunity to meet new people before the conference itself. Casual conversation starters are in full force here. Get those business cards in the hands of the attendees. You never know what one person can bring to your business. Let alone a room full.

Dress comfortably and stylishly because you will be walking around A LOT and you will want to look your best as you will be meeting a ton of people; and we all know first impressions are EVERYTHING. But most importantly, dress to impress yourself & BE YOURSELF. 

thats all. 

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